Alyson Mead

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Searching for Sassy Press

Radio interview on AstroEnergy, with Shelly Overton (March 7, 2012)

Interview with Well-Rounded Corners, with Robert Oliver (March 20, 2012)

Radio interview on Tahnee Talk!, with Tahnee Woolf (March 21, 2012) 

Radio interview on No Ordinary Psychic Radio, with Rubizzfire (March 23, 2012) 

Article on Elephant Journal: "Confessions of a Buddhist Psychic" (March 27, 2012) 

Radio interview on Love, Relationships & Destiny, with Adrienne Miles (March 29, 2012) 

Radio interview on Speak for Yourself Radio, with Dr. Michael Wilkins (March 30, 2012) 

Radio interview on Positive Power Chat, with Wendy Wagoner (April 5, 2012) 

Audio & print interview on Fascinating Authors (April 7, 2012) 

Radio interview on Synchronicity, with Marie Benard (April 16, 2012) 

Radio interview on First Word, with Michelle Gamble-Risle & Sonja Fisher (April 16, 2012) 

Review on Book Review Station (April 23, 2012) 

Radio interview on Welcome to Blissville, with Teri Williams (April 23, 2012) 

Review on Coaching Positivity, with Judy Krings (April 24, 2012) 

Radio interview on Awakening the Consciousness with the Power of Tarot, with Andria Molina (April 26, 2012) 

Review on Silver & Grace (May 3, 2012) 

Interview on I Heart Book Reviews (May 3, 2012) 

Radio interview on Love Your Life with Michelle, with Michelle Miron (May 10, 2012) 

Radio interview on Tawn Talks About Intuition, with Tawn Head (May 11, 2012) 

Review on Live to Read (May 12, 2012) 

Radio interview on Out of the Fog, with Karen Hager (May 30, 2012) 

Podcast interview on The Naked Truth About Dating, with Rachel DeAlto (June 5, 2012) 

Radio interview on A Moment of Change, with Sherry Gaba (June 5, 2012) 

Radio interview on Keep It Magic, with Jacki Smith (June 12, 2012) 

​Podcast interview with Deborah Carney at (July 2012) 

Radio interview on The Secret to Everything, with Dr. Kimberly George (July 18, 2012) 

Radio interview on Transformations with Tara, with Tara Sutphen (August 17, 2012)

Review on Book Pleasures (August 18, 2012) 

Radio interview on Soul Cake, with Susan Colwell (August 31, 2012) 

Podcast interview on Claim Your Career Bliss, with Sabrina Ali (September 17, 2012) 

Radio interview on Bounce Back to Your Brilliance, with Angel Tyree (September 19, 2012) 

Radio interview on Wise Woman Radio, with Susun Weed (October 24, 2012) 

Radio interview on Paranormal CSI Radio, with Ericka Boussarhane (December 2, 2012) 

Radio interview on Juicy Joy Radio, with Lisa McCourt (January 23, 2013) 

Radio interview on the Rachel Love Show, with Rachel Love (January 31, 2013)

Radio interview on Between the Lines, with Corine de Font (February 8, 2013) 

Radio interview on Love in the Afternoon, with Ahava Shira (February 11, 2013) 

Radio interview on Paranormal Talk, with Phil Pearse (February 13, 2013) 

Radio interview on Love Is My Intention, with Holly Riddel (February 22, 2013) 

Radio interview on That's What He Said, with John Fortuna (March 28, 2013) 

Radio interview on Diva Weekly Strategies, with Robbie Motter (May 23, 2013)